tirsdag den 24. august 2010

Ph.d.-kursus i forskningsetik

Phd. course – research ethics - autumn 2010
Research Ethics for Scientists
and Engineers in the 21st Century

From November 8 to 12, 2010, the Center for the Philosophy of Nature and Science Studies at the University of Copenhagen (CPNSS), together with the Institute for Education, Philosophy and Learning at Aalborg University (IEPL) will organize an international and interdisciplinary PhD course entitled “Research Ethics for Scientists and Engineers in the 21st Century”.

The course will address the ethical dilemmas that researchers face in turbulent times, where clear-cut distinctions between pure and applied science can no longer be upheld. The course is aimed at creating a space where PhD students can qualify their reflections on their role as young researchers by drawing on philosophical, sociological, and ethical perspectives in analyzing possibilities and problems of contemporary science.

Course participants will be asked to analyze real dilemmas taken from the intersection between science and society – often taking the experiences of individual researchers as the starting point for the analysis. The case analyses will be related to the following five main themes that will be treated during the course:

1. Scientific Conduct and Misconduct: At the Fringe of Normal Science
2. Scientific Social Responsibility in Cases of Life and Death
3. The Conflicting Values of Research in a Post-academic Setting
4. Post Normal Science and Wicked Problems
5. Ethics as a problems-solving activity: Towards a Socially Responsible Scientific Practice

Prior to course take-off the course participants will be expected to have read text materials.

Venue: Niels Bohr Institute, Blegdamsvej 17, Copenhagen. Aud. M (building M)
Language: English.
Course fee: None. Participants will be required to take care of the transportation to Copenhagen, as well as of board and lodging.

Teachers: Christian Baron; Tom Holmgaard Børsen (organizers); Mikkel Willum Johansen; and Nicolas König.

Invited lectures: Anja Skaar Jacobsen (NBA); Thomas Plough (CIT, AAU); Anders Frøslev Jensen (CPNSS, KU); Gitte Meyer (CeBRA, KU) and Mercy Kamara (CBIT, RUC).

Registration: Please sign up by sending your email to baron [at] nbi.dk . Last registration date October 25th, 2010. A confirmation of your participation will be sent out within three days of registering.

Merit: 2.5 ECTS for simple participation with oral presentation during the course, 5 ECTS for participation with paper assignment. These papers may be delivered in Danish or English.