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Nordiske STS-møder hvert andet år

fra DASTS-hjemmesiden
Fra 2013 vil der blive holdt nordiske STS-møder hvert andet år. Det første løber af stablen 24-26 April 2013 på NTNU i Trondheim. Initiativet til nordiske møder er taget af Jane Summerton og Knut Sørensen og er drøftet med repræsentanter for STS-organisationer i de nordiske lande, heriblandt bestyrelsen for DASTS som har givet sin fulde opbakning til idéen. Start-tidspunktet 2013 er valgt af hensyn til 4S/EASST konferencen i København i 2012. Den to-årige kadence er valgt for fortsat at give rum til nationale konferencer. Indbydelsen fra Jane Summerton kan læses nedenfor.
/Mvh. Torben Elgaard Jensen

Dear STS colleagues in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway,

As many of you already know, the Norwegian STS environments at the University of Oslo/UiO and the Norwegian University of Science & Technology/NTNU would like to suggest that we develop STS-meetings on a Nordic basis.

The purpose of such meetings is to present and exchange the results of our on-going work, provide an opportunity for primarily doctoral students and young researchers to develop networks with their Nordic colleagues, and strengthen intellectual contacts between our respective environments. Pending a successful first meeting and a joint commitment to continue this initiative, our preliminary idea is that such meetings could be organized every other year.

Toward this end, we would like to invite you to a first "Nordic STS meeting" as follows:

Date: April 24-26, 2013
Place: NTNU in Trondheim

The meeting will be jointly organized by Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture/NTNU (contact person: Knut Sørensen) and the Center for Technology, Innovation and Culture/UiO (contact person: Jane Summerton). We will have a conference organizing committee where we would like each of the national environments to be represented (we will get back to you later about details).

We know that 2013 sounds far away at the moment, but we would like you to SAVE THE DATE now and spread the word widely among all colleagues, departments and interested others within your networks. If we all work to ensure that this date is reserved for the event, there will be a great potential for a strong participation from many different areas in our part of the world!
Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information. Looking forward!
Best, Jane

Jane Summerton
Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture/TIK
University of Oslo
Postboks 1108, Blindern
N-0317 Oslo

tel +47 - 930 00 870