onsdag den 15. september 2010

Spedalskhed, tuberkulose og kolonimedicin

The Network for Science, Technology and Medicine Studies at Aarhus University is pleased to present the first STMC Seminar in the fall semester 2010. The titel of this seminar is "Colonial Medicine in India" and is presented by STMC and CISCA.

23 September, 1-3 PM,
Building 5126, Room 219, Aarhus University
CISCA and STMC present:
”Colonial Medicine in India”

13.00-13.10: Welcome and Introduction

13.10-13.45: Dr. Biswamoy Pati (Delhi University), Leprosy in colonial India

13.45-14.00: Break. Tea and Coffee are provided

14.00-14.35: Dr. Niels Brimnes (Aarhus University), Shifting approaches to tuberculosis in India c. 1920-1960

14.35-15.00: Open discussion

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To Sign-up and request readings please send email to stm [at] au.dk

Aarhus Network for Science, Technology, Medicine and Climate Studies organizes a series of open research seminars each term in order to promote interdisciplinary discussion and evaluation of current research. The Lunch Seminars are informal lunch meetings with a 20-30 minute presentation followed by an open discussion.