torsdag den 5. november 2009

Conference: The New Semiotics

On November the 25th 2009 the Center for Language, Cognition and Mentality at Copenhagen Business School hosts an free, international conference:

The New Semiotics
- Transdisciplinary insight as the way to renew our understanding of communication and our ability to manage knowledge

Among the lectureres are: Professor Søren Brier, professor Robert Innis, professor Göran Sonnesson, professor Paul Bouissac, professor Per Durst-Andersen and professor Kalevi Kull.

About the conference: Moving from the information society to the knowledge society, we are forced to leave the old version of the information based cognitive science behind us. The aim is to develop a broader and more evolutionary framework for the development of cognition, communication and knowledge in a global setting. The new semiotics is used to gain a deeper understanding of knowledge management than used in the present logicistic, formalistic and computerized models in business, engineering and other forms of computerized knowledge management

The talks in this symposium will explore different dimensions of semiotics as a transdisciplinary study of the various forms knowledge and meaning-making take; explore their present relevance, and indicate path of future development.

Time and venue: 9 am - 5 pm at Copenhagen Business School, Dalgas Have 15, auditorium SC.033 by the central hall is right next to the Metro station Lindevang, and there is free parking at the back of the building, where all entrance doors lead to the central hall.

Free Admittance. Everybody is welcome. Coffee and lunch can be bought at the cafeteria next to the lecture hall.

Find more information here.

Conference is organised by The Center for Language, Cognition and Mentality at the Department of International Culture and Communication Studies