fredag den 5. marts 2010

ENSSER seminar

European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility:

The purpose of the association is the advancement of science and research for the protection of the environment, biological diversity and human health against negative impacts of new technologies and their products. This especially includes the support and protection of independent and critical research to advance the scientific assessment of the potentially negative impacts. The purpose of the bylaws is the realization of research projects, the award of research assignments to third parties, the realization of scientific events, presentation and discussion of scientific work to the relevant audience, and the advancement of the European and international discourse on the risks and benefits of new technologies and on their regulation.

The next ENSSER seminar will be convened in cooperation with the European Environment Agency (EEA) in Copenhagen on April 15 & 16, 2010. Attached, you find the draft agenda for your information [StatutesENSSEREN, Mission_Statement, Application_Form_Individuals, Application_Form_Organisations, WorkshopDraftAgenda]. If you plan to attend the meeting and need accommodation, we can provide you with a list of hotels that offer special rates for EEA events. We also would like to invite you to consider a membership in ENSSER to strengthen our network and enable us to support and defend critical science and scientists in Europe!
We attach the ENSSER mission, statutes and the membership application forms. If you send in your application until the end of March, we are able to vote on it at the ENSSER AGM which will be convened on Apr 15 before the public seminar.
Please send your email to office [at] ensser . org.
With many regards, the ENSSER team
Angelika Hilbeck, Hartmut Meyer, Gabriele Weiß, Ditha Baierová