tirsdag den 2. marts 2010

Max Weber versus Charles Darwin

Arrangement på RUC, Afdeling for Filosofi og Videnskabsteori:

Robert J. Richards fra University of Chicago besøger RUC,
mandag den 22 marts, 13.00-15.00,
Roskilde Universitet, ‘Biografen’ (03.1.4)
og holder et foredrag med titlen:

The Enchantment of the World:
Darwin's Theory of Mind in Nature.

Max Weber argued that modern science ‘disenchanted’ the world, cleansing it of moral values and spiritual powers. Darwin’s theory has been marked by both opponents and proponents as a principal agent of disenchantment. I think this is an utterly mistaken view of Darwin’s accomplishment. The theory presented in the Origin of Species reckoned natural selection to preserve moral value in nature and to set the human animal as the teleological goal of evolution. I believe this occurred for Kantian reasons: namely the impossibility of extracting mind from nature.