tirsdag den 16. marts 2010

Etnografiske data i videnskabs- og teknologistudier

Ph.D.-workshop ved Brit Ross Winthereik
på IT-universitetet i København d. 21. maj kl. 9-16:

(...) "The literature on ethnographic methods and data analysis used by STS-researchers or in design anthropology is often written by anthropologists. In STS the classical texts (Latour, Mol and others) do not provide much guidance as to how to analyse the ethnographic data that is the foundation of a lot of STS-research. A main difficulty, broadly speaking, is that this literature describes studies of socio-cultural formations and contexts that have been analysed with the purpose of contributing to central debates within anthropology. This aim differs significantly from the role played by ethnography within STS or design anthropology, where technological objects play a major role as objects of study and where ‘the field’ is not a place one inhabits for a shorter or longer period, but a number of more or less diffuse engagements with people and technologies."
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