søndag den 14. marts 2010

Kulturel evolution i menneskets forhistorie

I am pleased to present the STMC-network's first Brown Bag Research Seminar of this year. The titel of this BBRS is

Cultural evolution, adaptation and niche construction in human prehistory - a case study from the Southern Scandinavian Late Glacial

and will be presented by assistant Professor, Ph.D. Felix Riede (Department of Anthropology and Ethnography , Aarhus University).

Time and place: 17 March, 12-1 PM in Meetingroom Meeting Room 130, Building 1465

In order to ensure coffe, tea and fruites for everyone, registration is necessary. Please register for this event before Tuesday 16 March 10 AM at stm [at] au.dk

Yours sincerely
Nanna K. L. Kaalund, STMC

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