mandag den 7. juni 2010

Ph.D. fellowship at PSBio


DOCTORAL RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP (SKO/post code 1017) in contemporary philosophy of science within the project Philosophical Foundations for Systems Biology (PSBio) is available at The Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas, University of Oslo. The position is available for a period of three years.

Full announcement:

PSBiO is a Nordic four-year research project funded by NOS-HS, NORDCORP, and hosted by Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Arts and Ideas (IFIKK), University of Oslo. The other Nordic participants are situated at the University of Copenhagen and University of Helsinki. The main goal of PSBio is, by investigating central questions within contemporary philosophy of science in the light of new developments in biology, to contribute to the development of philosophical foundations for the currently expanding discipline of systems biology. PSBio focuses on three main topics:

(1) Systems; causal and explanatory issues: reduction, emergence, mechanisms, downward causation, genetic causation, and the relations between levels and/or domains.

(2) The nature of biological systems: the ontology of systems, the role of genes in relation to other system parts, functional organization, and robustness.

(3) Methods and epistemological issues: philosophical aspects of systems biology modelling, simulations, and “in silico” testing, and epistemological issues of causal reasoning

The research lies at the interface of philosophy of science, philosophy of biology, metaphysics, and empirical biology.

Contact person: gry.oftedal at