tirsdag den 30. august 2011

Saml dig et liv - møde om syntesebiologi

Engineering Life
Philosophical and Societal Perspectives on Synthetic Biology

Date: Friday, September 2, 2011, 9.00-16.00
Venue: Building 23, room 23.4.39 at Ny KUA, Njalsgade 76


9.00-10.00: Mette Ebbesen (AU),
Does the creation of new biological functions require a new ethics?
10.15-11.15: Sune Holm (KU),
Do environmentalists have reason to worry about synthetic biology?
11.30-12.30: Janus Hansen (CBS),
Synthetic biology in the public sphere: What do we know about the roots of public controversies and what is to be done about them?
12.30-13.30: Lunch
13.30-14.30: Maja Horst/Cecilie Glerup (CBS),
Scientific Social Responsibility: Tracing efforts to socialize science
14.45-15.45: Steen Rasmussen (ISSP/SDU),

Synthetic biology is guided by a vision about a future in which humans are routinely engaging in large-scale design and engineering of living systems. While the development of this emerging area of research promises to bring about extremely beneficial applications in areas such as energy, medicine, and agriculture, it is also widely recognized that the field may have a significant impact on the future of humans, society, and the environment.

This workshop brings together researchers from synthetic biology, philosophy, and the social sciences in order to explore some of the important questions that synthetic biology raises from the point of view of ethics, social responsibility and public engagement.

Registration is free, but please e-mail Sune Holm if you would like to attend: suneh@hum.ku.dk