søndag den 1. april 2012

Nanoteknologi online debat

Join PERARES' Nanotechnology Dialogue, On-line

The PERARES consortium (Public Engagement with Research And Research Engagement with Society) representing universities, science shops and NGOs in Europe would like public and civil society organization views on applications of nanotechnology. The online discussion aims to provoke questions which could form the basis of further research. For information on five applications of nanotechnology, from renewable energy to medicine and food, please visit: http://www.livingknowledge.org/discussion/diskutiere/

For example, your loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctor recommends a new cutting-edge treatment, which involves transporting powerful cancer drugs entrapped in a nano liposome (a very tiny bubble like drug carrier) through the blood stream to the targeted cancer tumor. Once it reaches the tumor, the liposome will gradually release the entrapped drug in the vicinity of the tumor cells. What would you like to know about this treatment before you say yes? What questions would you ask the doctor before you accept this treatment? Contribute your questions or comments here: www.livingknowledge.org/discussion/diskutiere/2011/cancer-nanotechnology/

I am responsible for the cancer nano nanotechnology debate. I would be happy if you could visit and make comments on the cancer nanotechnology debate. But feel free to visit and comment on the other debates.

Please forward this e-mail to your networks of colleagues or contacts, and invite them to visit this dialogue platform.

For more information on PERARES, see http://www.livingknowledge.org/livingknowledge/perares

Kind regards,
Mercy Kamara